Moo World Order |

The Moolord Poem

Right now we have a world of elites who care more about more power than they do their friends.

I know this because I’ve been one of those guys who chooses conquest over connection.

I’m not saying you left inherently for power in form of finance. Obviously you can make more short term in the world of work.

You sought power in the form of progress and meaning.

It’s utilitarian. Leave loved ones behind to find great mean.

Living in the present is realizing the presents of the potential for eternity in your presence.

We are only limited as a species by how high we can dream.

If you really love me so much, fight with me on such.

Fear losing me, as I do you and let’s fight in the game that we were born into.

I don’t fear losing you for 30 years, I fear losing you forever.

And even if you pass and I do too… if we just make sure our species continues maybe one day I’ll be back with you.

And if I cant and there’s really nothing at the end of this all, then why not treat everyday as a grim reaper brawl.

Future science and tech will permit playing with the building blocks of space, time, matter, energy, and life, in ways that we could only call magic and supernatural today.

Inconceivably advanced intelligences may be already be out there among the stars and our future technology could allow us to find them. It could allow us to revive our lost kin.

My message is that, if you want, you can hope to live again with your loved ones, even deceased without abandoning the scientific worldview. If you want, you can believe in the essential core of your religion without betraying science.

Let me dream to the cosmos FOR you, if you will not, because in a grave I fear that we will rot.


And playing some games for an hour or two is just nothing in my mind in relation to an eternity with you.