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Lets Break Down Why Attention, Is EVERYTHING:

**Attention is the life force of every single idea.**

Businesses are ideas that people give attention to and if compelled, exchange further value they have in return for the perceived value they’ll get back.

Some businesses run solely on farming attention, most notably Social Media Networks.

The economic good they are extracting from is **YOUR TIME.**

**Attention** is the limited resource of a conscious being that defines its future moments.

Our attention is all we have. 

**Energy flow in a business sense is represented by a human interacting with a business is represented in capital.**

Every business in the world is garnering attention and converting it into capital in order to continue accumulating the attention of the world, and to push their agenda. 

Each person has a mindset that changes its agenda from time to time. We all have an agenda to consume food, and water, and to look for sex. Outside of that we look for good vibes. Where we get those good vibes depends on the mindset of the man, and what they constitute as the highest value of their time. 

Some people only have a good time when they’re gaining power or leverage, they have not learned to “let go”. These people are the most powerful at changing the world for the better when they have the right mindset, but also the most susceptible to become hungry for absolute power. 

The ones seeking absolute power and control above all else, have attained it, and we have lived in a system in which we either supported their narratives blindly, or because we had no other choice. 

We have reached such a point in society that we have far the real capability to provide good mental treatment, good food, clean water, and a good life to everyone on this planet, but right now the resources are not properly distributed.

Where is the surplus going? 

Thus a successful business can be summarized as such: one who buys attention for less than the profit they create.

In any industry the person who is able to source attention for the lowest cost, and sustain it wins. This is why the most succesful businesses today such as Amazon put such an emphasis on customer support. Developing a relationship with a customer is the way to increase the lifetime value of any person who gives it attention by continuing to enter their thoughts in a positive manner when needing something. 

Dependent on the monetization structure of the business and the demographic of the attention following in determines how many people become a customer of the business.

Quality of attention is of supreme importance, especially depending on your businesses target demographic.

**For example:** 

If you have 100,000 people who view your content on Tiktok and you are a B2B company selling bulk masks to companies, you are better off with 10 views on a YouTube video titled *“Where businesses can buy the best bulk masks”*

Organic attention is attention that is brought not through paid ads directly, but through paid labor.

For example, filming a YouTube video which informs someone on where to buy bulk masks, and then uploading it to YouTube is the labor portion to drive organic traffic.

The true value of the time will be realized through the course of the businesses existence, while the direct cost depends on the cost of the employee executing the action.

Looking closer at other factors that will effect how much attention the video gets, and how much of that attention converts to a sale we can optimize this function in order to create a profitable system of marketing. 

Thumbnail | the quality of the thumbnail will change the click through rate on the video which depends on how many impressions it gets. (This value will also effect the LTV of the video as it will rank higher or lower in the search on YouTube if it has low or high click through rate)

The goal is to have a high quality thumbnail that people want to click.

The impressions will come from people who are searching on YouTube for things related to what your video is informing about.

There are plugins such as Tube Buddy that can help pick and choose between keywords by showing how often they are searched and the competition.

Using a SMM (social media marketing panel) you can directly give your video views, likes, and comments, to artificially boost the ranking of the video.

This is referred to as search engine optimization (SEO).

This is a NECESSITY on google for any business that wishes to drive organic search traffic from google to their business.

SEO is most commonly known for its important on Google. It’s subject to change, but a majority of people still find most businesses online using a simple google search to find the relevant information. Your ability to show up as the number one spot for certain search terms guarantees high quality leads directly to your business. 

For example:

We have multiple web3 venture studios we are running or a part of. We invested $9 yearly into the domain []( and used [Https://](Https:// (transparently another company we own) to rank it number one. 

Now anyone searching “Web 3 Venture Studios” is directed to our list which we can update at any time. Since we already have a web dev overseas on staff for $400 a month, and he is used to setting up notion websites on our unlimited hosting plan. Our labor cost is ~$3 and hosting has no cost. Once you’ve bought the top spot as long as you have a good click through rate and low bounce your stickiness for the top spot will increase over time, thus the price it would take for a similar company to rank higher on the keyword would be higher. When you own the means of PR, backlinks, and skilled people you also have the lowest cost of ranking meaning an ability to beat out any company for less.

The other alternative to show up at the top is using google search ads. Google search ads require you to pay per click you get. This price has been driven up by the multitude of companies who apply marketing budget here without a true ROI. Attention marketing will always be found best at the new place of attention. As time moves forward legacy media channels continue to pull budget from large corporations or media buyers who are not actively tracking their ROI. On the flip side people trying out new media buying models are way more likely to. be measuring the results of it. 

“What gets measured gets managed” -**Management guru Peter Drucker**

The focus on price of attention of attention sources is important, but just as important is the conversion rate of turning that attention into capital. This is where even further information is being used by the customer who is pondering whether to make a purchase with your company or to keep searching.

Having a high quality website is important. That means it being well put together. Think of your website as a retail stores interior design, or packaging for a product, how clean it is etc. These are all factors which changes the amount of dopamine a customer is receiving throughout the process. The customer experience is predicated more on emotional behavior than it is rational. 

The entire customer experience is everything for grabbing and retraining them as long term customers. Customers brains are storing the vibes of the experience in their brain and using that to estimate future activity in interacting with that company again. 

Marketing companies focus on paid ads to drive traffic to products and services that companies are offering. Great marketers are often product and service agnostic. One of the best ways to de-risk expenditure with marketing companies is to offer to pay for the ad-spend and split the profit. This means that you pay nothing for their skill, and only take on the risk of their skill in using their expertise to provide a profitable return. Some great marketers of course do not take this model because they have been great for a long time. These people have a history of case studies and customers they can prove profit from. 

You should think of every single new marketing and attention channel as a new gamble to test and track. You should never let a channel that is profitable not be optimized and scaled and you should never let a channel that is unprofitable continue to run.

The success of one single thing under this umbrella will maximize the potential of the conversion of attention to value because we include the largest upsell which is the we are selling the myth to ask for man to volunteer his soul to the greater good, and a myth to make sure the new world global world is owned by all people.

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